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The Magnolia Center Neighborhood is firmly rooted in Riverside County’s history. In fact, the very State Senator that sponsored legislation which led to Riverside becoming a county, Henry L. Streeter, resided in this charming neighborhood at 5211 Central Avenue, where his house to this day still stands. Additionally, The Parent Navel Orange Tree, which is one of the two original Navel Orange trees that were planted in 1873 and is responsible for creating California’s lucrative citrus industry, reside at 7115 Magnolia Avenue. With its’ beginnings as profound as these, it is only expected that Magnolia Center Neighborhood’s future would be just as bright.

While this neighborhood started as small farms, orange groves, and single family residences speckled throughout the region, Magnolia Center Neighborhood has since grown to offers its’ residents the gentle mix of traditional and modern, of suburban living and commercial access. The most shining example of the character this neighborhood possesses is its’ desirable Sungold Home. These well maintained residences, built in the 1950’s, offer owners a traditional and quaint style home that is bursting with charm.

Magnolia Center Neighborhood is also known for its civic and commercial offerings as well. Families in the community have many choices of good schools, public parks and facilities, which include Shamel Park and pool, Low Park, and the Marcy Branch Library. The recently renovated Riverside Plaza has breathed new life into this community’s commercial footholds, offering casual dining and shopping in a quiet, historic atmosphere.

This neighborhood is the epitome of a stable neighborhood, as it has remained affordable throughout the years, its’ residents are rich with all the culture, character, and charm Magnolia Center Neighborhood has to offer. And its ability to adapt, from its rustic beginnings in the citrus industry to becoming a commercial hub due to the popularity of Riverside Plaza, Magnolia Center Neighborhood can provide this community with everything it could ever want or need.


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