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The Alessandro Heights Neighborhood is named after the heroine’s husband inthe infamous Helen Hunt Jackson book, “Ramona”, although it is certain that this neighborhood has created quite the name for itself since. This secluded community is settled within three arroyos, the Alessandro, the Prenda and the Woodcrest and boasts beautiful luxury estates that only add to the natural features of this distinguished region of Riverside County.

Throughout the development of this community care has been taken to leave the arroyos, the rolling hills, and the natural beauty of the area undisturbed. As can be imagined, the estates of Alessandro Heights were designed even more beautiful and unique than the land that surrounds them. These million dollar homes offer the residents of this neighborhood the luxury and stature that cannot be found in any other listing inside of Riverside County. Adding to the value that this area possesses the peaceful demeanor and a quiet charm of the community has been protected as deliberately as the arroyos have.

In addition to providing this community private and exclusive residences, this safe neighborhood offers its’ residents an invaluable sense of security. One of the only ways into this exclusive neighborhood is from Washington Street, by way of Overlook Parkway, which provides a scenic drive through this picturesque neighborhood as well as one of its pseudonyms. Additionally, Alessandro Heights is also sometimes referred to as Whitegate Estates, after Whitegate Avenue, another predominate street of this area. These winding roads with manicured medians provide a tour of the largest homes of Riverside, which sit on even larger lots.

The residents of this spectacular community have always cherished the wealth that this area affords them, the calm streets, breathtaking views, and amazing estates. And with so much beauty and worth that the neighborhood of Alessandro Heights possesses, it is hard to imagine how any was left for the rest of Riverside County.


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