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The Hawarden Hills Neighborhood has stood the testament of time in the city of Riverside. It was named after Hawarden Drive in 1890 and since has remained one of the most exclusive neighborhoods since the original 53 square mile city of Riverside was established. The majority of the properties that form this neighborhood are high end homes with lush landscapes that line winding roads cut into the hillside. As one of the most prestigious neighborhoods, both the city as well as its’ residents are committed to retaining the natural beauty that this area offers.

The estates that make up this community are designed for single families that enjoy custom homes. Hawarden Hills’ properties have the second highest value on average in the city, which is apparent to anyone who has visited this established community. Manicured lawns and the abundance of trees create the perfect setting for the luxury estates that are planted in the rolling terrain throughout the neighborhood.

This desirable neighborhood is in a prime location, close to both shopping and dining, but its’ residents wouldn’t see any of its natural beauty wasted. The neighborhood is one of the few that has no commercial properties and very few apartment developments within its boundaries. Additionally, almost all of the residents in Hawarden Hills are home owners rather than renters, a fact which is displayed by the pride the community takes in maintaining the pleasing atmosphere in which they live. Adding to the stability of the community are multiple good schools in close proximity to the neighborhood that the residents of Hawarden Hills have to choose from.

While there are many neighborhoods that can offer one or two of these amenities to their residents, very few can offer all that Hawarden Hills can. Surely, the large, well maintained estates that make up this community will be the source of pride for the neighborhood and its residents for generations to come.


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