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Some would say that the Canyon Crest Neighborhood was formed almost as an afterthought, as it is made up of 6 separate smaller areas that were joined together as they were built between 1959 and 1986. Surely the residents of this diverse community who call Canyon Crest home will have to disagree. With its’ stable community, excellent school system, and surrounding amenities, this neighborhood leaves its’ residents with little to be desired.

Canyon Crest is one of Riversides’ stable neighborhoods despite being one of the largest and most diversified. This is largely due to its ability to attract and cater to single families that want to live in a desirable location at an affordable price. Residents of Canyon Crest have access to an excellent school system and have a choice of one public school and two private. Additionally, the Canyon Crest Country Club offers its members tennis, golf, and swimming facilities as well as it offers nonmembers a beautiful location to hold events and weddings. These offerings coupled with the majority of housing being made up of single family homes allows this neighborhood to retain its’ small town charm despite its size.

Canyon Crest is settled near the Box Spring Mountains and encircles Sycamore Canyon Park; this together with the hilly terrain of the area provides spectacular outdoor recreation and views year round. And these natural features are not all that the community has to offer, The Canyon Crest Town Center provides shopping and dining with a magical atmosphere that cannot be described with words. Residents of this community live by the centers invitation to shop, dine, relax, enjoy.

Cities such as Riverside are known for their large, historically diverse neighborhoods, but few can offer all that Canyon Crest Neighborhood does. With its’ mature landscapes, ranch style homes, and breathtaking Tequesquite Arroyo backdrop, it’s no wonder Canyon Crest is one of Riverside’s most desirable neighborhoods.


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