Windermere Tower Properties celebrated Valentine’s Day with the launch of the “Show the love” campaign to honor and recognize local educators for their commitment to students in our community. Throughout the pandemic it has become apparent that our local schools are the center of our community and essential, for not only the development of our youth, but also for our local economy to thrive. Teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians and all school staff have been versatile in meeting the needs of our students and our community, putting others before themselves. Since the beginning of the pandemic educators have pivoted to adjust to public health mandates while still focusing on the goal of creating learning environments for our students to succeed.

The entire team at Windermere Tower Properties wanted local educators to know we value their commitment and empathize with the social and emotional toll the pandemic has had on their profession. The “Show the Love” campaign allowed the Realtors to partner with their brokerage and select a local school to buy lunch or a treat for their entire staff from an area small business. This successful campaign reminded our local educators that they are loved and supported small business owners and our local economy.

On February 14th the Realtors at Windermere Tower Properties handed out more than 900 lunches or treats to more than 15 elementary school sites throughout Riverside including: Pachappa, La Granada, Longfellow, Lake Hills, Alcott, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Kennedy, Twain, Hawthorne, Washington, Foothill, Twin Hills, Woodcrest, Woodrest Christian, and Springs Charter School. Local eateries like Sub Station, Antoines, DeMatteo’s, Northgate Gonzales Market, Upper Crust, Riverside Cookie Shop, Cactus Cantina, Crumbl, and local Girl Scout troops were some of the area businesses that were supported. “The staff in the front office were so overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Realtor Associate, Heidi Carter.

“The receptionist told me since the pandemic we haven’t celebrated holidays the same way and often times offices were bare and didn’t look like they were celebrating the holiday at all. They really needed this.” Carter said.

Colette Lee, co-owner of Windermere Tower Properties, stated, “We are really happy this campaign turned our so well in its first effort. We want to “show the love” every year and support even more schools next time around.”

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