Every year on September 28th there is a reason to celebrate the people in your neighborhood. National Good Neighbor Day! It’s good for people to remind themselves what it means to be a good neighbor by doing something helpful for the people around them. A lot of the time neighbors are good friends, but we take their presence for granted. This National Good Neighbor Day, show your neighbors just how much they mean to you!

To celebrate, here are some ideas to brighten your neighbors’ day:

1. A simple ‘Thank You for Being a Good Neighbor’ note left on a doorstep can make a big impact.

2. Mow the lawn of the elderly gentleman two doors up and give him the week off from yard work.

3. Bake a quick batch of brownies and leave them on a neighbor’s doorstep with a nice note.

4. Fall flowers are in bloom. Buy a bouquet and leave an arrangement for the neighbor who watched your house while you were on vacation this summer.

5. Drop a $5 gift card for coffee in your mailbox for your faithful mail carrier.

6. Put a few extra nails in a neighbor’s falling fence and check something off their ‘to-do’ list.

7. Buy a welcome mat for the empty doorstep across the street.

8. Convert a ‘Garage Sale’ sign to a ‘Have a Great Day’ sign and post it at the entrance of your neighborhood.

9. If you have an artist’s flare, create a sidewalk chalk mural for the kids next door to welcome them home from school.

10. Halloween is fast approaching. Pick up your favorite goodies at the store and leave them in a bucket on your neighbor’s doorstep.

11. Today is the day to give a friendly wave when the driver behind you allows you to merge into traffic.

12. Time is running out to use your grill this year. Fire it up one more time and invite your neighbors over for barbeque.

How will you celebrate National Neighbor Day? Share your stories and pictures on social media using the hashtag #NationalNeighborDay!

National Good Neighbor Day

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